Monday, July 27, 2009

Figs, Friends, Boston

Cooking for yourself is great and the cost savings is a huge bonus! But beyond this, there is something even more rewarding – cooking for your friends.

When I lived in California my calendar was never short of various dinner parties with friends, night on the town with acquaintances, and weekend meals with the family. Since moving to Boston two months ago however, the calendar has been rather empty. So you can only imagine my excitement when I had made enough friends to host a dinner. Thank you guys for coming together and for all the laughs. Hope you all enjoyed the meal inspired by California's black mission figs.

Now anyone who wants a meal, just come to Boston and I'll make sure you are satisfied.


  1. looks delicious! too bad boston is so far away! lol

  2. man, i really enjoy reading ur blogs. the food looks bomb

  3. This blog is so charming. Quite the contrast from your Xanga. I didn't know you were such the chef/photographer.

    Post more, my friend, we go way back ;)

  4. 2 months late, but i'm glad to make it on your blog! thanks for the yummy food and friendship!